article1july2011One of the amazing things about technology is the way it takes root in our lives, often growing and proliferating far beyond its originally intended purpose. Email is a perfect example. Once used only by the few, it has become ubiquitous and is now a primary communication tool in business, government, education, entertainment, commerce, and personal circles. In fact, email may well represent the future of process serving.

As reported recently in the Saipan Tribune, federal courts are giving the nod to service by email, at least when a subject is recognized as deliberately elusive and striving to evade service of process.

“The federal court has allowed the former trustee of JLH Trust (Junior Larry Hillbroom) to serve via email and registered mail the summons and his cross-claim against attorney Barry J. Israel, one of Hillbroom's former lawyers.

U.S. District Court for the NMI judge Frances M. Tydingco-Gatewood ruled that Israel appears to be “an elusive international defendant, striving to evade service of process.” [Source: Saipan Tribune, July 12, 2011]

Service by email may be the next logical pairing of electronic technology and process service. Aristocrat process servers regularly use Facebook and other social media sites as skip-tracing databases, and our clients enjoy free access to our interactive online client interface. Many U.S. courts already allow e-filing, and Aristocrat Process Serving currently handles these types of documents.

Intended subjects who skip work and avoid answering the door can be surprised to find themselves served via email. They may yield to the temptation of checking email messages or may not have any idea that email service is possible. And yet…

“The judge said the lawyer of JLH Trust former trustee Keith Waibel shall have 30 days to serve Israel, by email, with an electronic version of the summons and cross-complaint.

‘Israel shall be deemed served with the summons and cross-complaint on the date that cross claimant Waibel's counsel receives a confirmation of the receipt of the email and files [this] confirmation with the court,’ Tydingco-Gatewood said.” [Source: Saipan Tribune, July 12, 2011]

So, does email represent the future of process service? It is too early to tell. However, it is not too early to tell that when you need process service it is essential that you work with process servers who not only are skilled at using technology, but also know and abide by all relevant laws. Aristocrat Process Serving is an innovative company that keeps up with current laws, and our process servers are skilled at using every legal means to complete service. For almost a decade we have provided professional service of process to clients in Missouri and Kansas. We know what our clients need and we know how to provide it. Plain and simple!

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